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Topic: covering windows in kitchen???

I have 2 windows I'm covering in my kitchen. One is a triple window which will have 3inch blinds in a stain to match my cabinets. My problem is I'm not sure what to do with the window over my sink and the back door which has 12 panes.

First the sink window. It is actually two separate windows. First, they open with a crank so if I used the same blinds, the crank would stop them from going all the way to the bottom of the window fram. Second, there is a piece of wood in between the two windows which takes up half the depth of the frame, so if I put one blind covering both, it would stick out a little beyond the window frame. I wanted to put Hunter Douglas Provenance natural woven blinds on this window. I thought this would have less depth than the 3 inch blinds, so it would sove my dilemma, but a blind installer recommended against this. He thinks they might fall apart if gotten wet. And he thinks it would look funny having two different types of window coverings. What is your opinion on this?

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Re: covering windows in kitchen???

Best wishes on your kitchen remodel.  For some people, who are handy they allow a good month of working full time on their kitchen to fully finish it.  It truly depends on if you will be working on it full time, or just when you get the opportunity.
Both of the Arizona companies websites you chose are very impressive.  I'm an Arizona resident my self, and would recommend checking the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for both companies ratings.  If they have had any major customer service issues, it should show up in the free online report from the BBB.

Also, just to let you and your wife know, there's a new alternative to drilling and installing cabinet hardware.  They are slide on cabinet handles, made from recycled materials--so eco-friendly.  I know, I patented  them.

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Re: covering windows in kitchen???

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Re: covering windows in kitchen???

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Re: covering windows in kitchen???

Can you remove the wood section from the middle or replace it with a piece that protrudes less? Or can you get two blinds for both sides? As far as the crank, I usually remove the crank and put it somewhere accessible so when I need it, I can grab it. With a kitchen sink window, you will have more moisture in that area so you may want to avoid any unpainted wood blinds. If you stain the blinds then put a clear coat over them to protect them from the water and grease that come from your kitchen.

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Re: covering windows in kitchen???

Good for you.. I actually I want my kitchen to improve as well because  have a bad kitchen. It's better to cook you have a beautiful kitchen..