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Topic: Robot Information

This page is mostly links.

There is a wealth of information on robots on the WEB.

There are a number of books on designing, building and
programming robots.

These local pages cover details that may not have been covered
well in other links or specifics to project(s) that are of
interest to the author. Then, there is some tutorial information
that may be used in a course.

My robot interest is in the area of mobile autonomous robots.
A mobile autonomous robot directs its own movements and
performs some task without human intervention. No voice commands,
no radio control, when turned on the robot does the job it is
programmed to do. The mobile part may be a wheeled base, a
tracked base, a crawling base, a walking base, etc. The task
are not at fixed positions yet may be in a bounded area.
I am not interested in lawn mower or vacuum cleaner robots.

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Re: Robot Information

I posted this thread on Twitter !



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Re: Robot Information

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Re: Robot Information

The robosapien robot  is not just your run of the mill toy. He is truly a fusion of technology and personality. We love this little robot humanoid so much that we have developed a whole website withrobot in box information on the little guy. Information on the new spidersapien is on it's way!

On this site you will find:

    * Robosapien Users Manual in pdf format
    * Reviews from national shows
    * Online Video of the Robot in action
    * Pricing Guides on where to get the best deal
    * Pictures of our robo friend
    * The Official Online Forum for Robosapien and V2
    * Loads of information about the robot.
    * The best hacks on the planet!

robosapien user manualManufactured by Wow Wee the RoboSapien, is a full function quick moving robot able to assist with all of your entertainment needs. The robot is currently being shipped and is now available to North America! Click on the pricing guide page to find the robots at the absolute best price!

Alert - New toys from wowee are in! The roboraptor, spidersapien and Robosapien Media will have coverage on our site soon!

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Re: Robot Information

I love this forum.. Glad I'm part in this forum now..

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Re: Robot Information

hi guys,,,, this is wonderful is also a great forum for robot builder for exchange technology and know about how. For the  example, some robot builders that are involved in the robot survival game  were chatting about the hit sensor design:


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Re: Robot Information

Does the robot technologies belonging to Information Technologies topic?

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