Topic: Sustainability and Global Seafood

Although seafood is the most highly traded food internationally, it is an often overlooked component of global food security. It provides essential local food, livelihoods, and export earnings. Although global capture fisheries production is unlikely to increase, aquaculture is growing considerably. Sustaining seafood's contributions to food security hinges on the ability of institutions, particularly in developing countries, to protect and improve ecosystem health in the face of increasing pressures from international trade.

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2 2010-07-27 20:06:17

Re: Sustainability and Global Seafood

I love seafood and even though many fish are now farm-raised, I prefer wild caught for their natural and delicious taste. Plus seafood is really good for your health. I do think we need to do more to protect these great fisheries throughout the world where many times the local population doesn't have the resources or the knowledge of how to take care of their waterways.

Live life. Love life.

3 2010-07-29 02:51:29

Re: Sustainability and Global Seafood

Well, I love sea foods so much specially sea weeds, it's very delicious to eat and healthy as well. But my favorite is shrimp and tuna...

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