Topic: Fundraising suggestion

I for some time have believed that a fundraising strategy could be developed for a hunger program through supermarkets. My idea is to have  dvd's made of  recipes by celebrity chefs. DVD's now cost less than $.25 to make in bulk. The DVD would have the ingredients needed for the recipe on the DVD jacket. The customer who bought the dvd could wheel the shopping cart around the supermarket picking up what was needed to pull the rescipe off. The supermarket could feature the celebrity chef in their promotionals, the chef would get more exposure and  could possibly promote one of their projects or tv show and even get a percent of the sales. The DVD could be sold for around a dollar. The customer would be contributing to a worthy cause and  hopefully making a fabulous meal . If the idea caught on, it would be a significant source of funding for an important project and a win/win for all involved.
   I live in the Bay Area and thought the Skoll foundation could participate in the project because of their affiliation with BAYCAT, a  local filming studeo in a disadvantaged community.
   I would love to work on this project with your esteemed foundation.