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Topic: Exotic food

Hey guys! Just got back from Thailand and Canada. I'm a culinary student and i love Italian delicacies.

However, Thailand was really something. I ate giant water bugs (google it)... what's your exotic food?

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Re: Exotic food

hey man! the giant water bugs are sick. but i think that's nothing compared to rooster testicles i just ate from Taiwan (puke!)

it was for the benefit of the the in-laws.

Thank God i'm settling down here in Canada

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Re: Exotic food

I'm looking to buy crawfish; either live or frozen tails. I've found a few that sell and do overnight shipping; but the minimum order is fairly steep and I don't need that much.

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Re: Exotic food

hi all,
Any menu with Mahi Mahi on it is serving dolphin. (That's the Hawaiian name for the fish.) If you meant porpoise, I believe they're included with other cetaceans (whales) on a protected species list and can't be served for dinner in this country.
I'm not aware of any place in Key West serving alligator but frog legs would be a possibility at a French-themed restaurant. There are dining guides to the island available near baggage claim at Key West's airport. I think you can get alligator at the Green Turtle on Islamorada.
i think there's a difference between mahi-mahi (dolphin fish) and real dolphin.

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Re: Exotic food

Actually there's a difference between the dolphin fish and the dolphin mammal. The one that you see doing tricks at the aquarium is the mammal. The one that is eaten is the fish. I love experiencing new types of food and would probably be excited to try water bugs or anything else.

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Re: Exotic food

I love exotic food!

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Re: Exotic food

If you love scrumptious American cuisine, head to Godrej Nature’s Basket where the celebrity Chef Aditya Bal will cook up some exotic American treats.
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Chef Aditya Bal will share with customers and friends intriguing recipes such as California prunes stuffed with almond and blue cheese, wrapped in bacon; Asian five spiced chicken breast with California plum and nectarine glaze/sauce; Grilled California peach with chiffonade of lettuce salad and goats cheese dressing; USA pear rucola and walnut salad; ed hardy perfumePan seared fillet of salmon with sizzling California grape butte; Caramelized Washingtoned hardy kleidung apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Re: Exotic food

never try exotic food...

but my friend challenge me...
we'll be eating frog..

hmmmm hope my taste buds will like it...


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