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2011-2012 Culinary Scholarship Application Process is now closed. Please check back in the fall for our next cycle.

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You must submit a seperate application for each category of Scholarships/Grants.

I. Culinary Arts & Pastry Arts Scholarships:

Application Fee $35

Please select the scholarship for which you would like to be considered.

II. Continuing Education Short-Course Scholarships:

Application Fee $20

Please select the scholarship for which you would like to be considered.

III. Independent Study and Internships:

Application Fee $35

Please select the scholarship for which you would like to be considered.


The Culinary Trust will make awards in each of three categories. Individuals may apply to one or more award categories. A separate application and application fee is required for each category. Individuals may apply for one or more awards in each category but will be awarded no more than one award in each category during the 2011-2012 Award Year. I am applying for the following category/categories of scholarships:

You will be prompted to pay with Paypal or a credit card after finishing this application.

Educational Record

(Current Students or Recent Graduates Only)

If you are a student applicant and have attended school in the past five years, please submit your most recent academic transcript. Only applicants with a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) or equivalent will be considered.

Employment/Apprenticeship History

You must have a minimum of two years of foodservice or industry related work experience for continuing education scholarships and Independent Study and Internships.

List your employment history, beginning with your most current position, or upload your resume. Be sure to list employer name, phone number, dates of employment, and position/title.

Specialized Training

List any culinary training or professional development courses you have completed.


Please list any awards or honors you have received.

Volunteer Activities/Community Service

Please list any volunteer activities and community service you have done.

Letters of Recommendation

This application requires two letters of recommendation written by two different people who are closely associated with your educational or professional career (i.e. colleague, employer, instructor or guidance counselor). Letters can come from established volunteer organizations as well. Recommendations written by relatives are not acceptable. Letters of recommendation must be on business or personal letterhead with contact information and must arrive with the application. References should be current.

Personal Statement

Please submit a two page essay if you are applying for a scholarship or a three page project proposal if you are applying for Independent Study or Internships.

Financial Information

To the best of your knowledge, list any scholarships, grants or loans you will be receiving between 01 July 2011 and 30 June 2012 and explain how you will be otherwise funding your education.

Have you previously applied for a scholarship or grant from The Culinary Trust? (Formerly IACP Foundation)

Scholarships and Grants may not cover the full costs of school attendance or project proposal. Will you be able to pay any remaining tuition balance and/or education-related expenses?

Terms of Agreement

I understand that, should I receive an award from The Culinary Trust, as a condition of my acceptance of this award, I hereby agree that neither The Culinary Trust nor any of its officers, directors, trustees, chairmen, (collectively “The Culinary Trust”) shall be responsible for, and I hereby release and agree to indemnity, defend and hold harmless The Culinary Trust from (I) any and all costs and expenses (other than, but not specifically limited to, tuition and other items identified in writing by the grantor of this scholarship) I have incurred or in the future may incur (including, but not limited to, room and board, transportation, meals, uniforms, and other clothing), and (II) any and all personal injury and property damage and any other claims, causes of action or other damages I sustain in connection with my participation in The Culinary Trust Scholarship program.

Should I receive an award from The Culinary Trust I will provide a recent photograph and letter for use as a testimonial to promote the Scholarship Program. I consent to the use and distribution by The Culinary Trust of this letter, my name, my job title, my job description and my employer’s name, my statements or parts thereof, and/or photographs of my likeness or digital press releases, news stories, advertisements, collateral or other publicity for The Culinary Trust. I may also be required to provide written report as a condition of my award and I hereby grant The Culinary Trust an irrevocable, perpetual, sublicenseable, transferrable, paid-up, worldwide license. I understand that I will receive no compensation from The Culinary Trust for the production or the use of any of the above. I hereby release The Culinary Trust from any liability for the use or distribution of any of the above.

I certify that I have read this application and that the information I have written is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to provide any documentation necessary to verify this information.

Board members of IACP and The Culinary Trust are not eligible to apply or receive a scholarshi p award from The Culinary Trust during their active term.

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