The Culinary Trust

Restored Treasures


The Culinary Trusts Library Grant Committee has successfully identified the titles listed below for restoration. There is still funding available and we encourage all libraries to submit their application today!

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Chicago History Museum - The Culinary Trust will administer a grant to the Chicago History Museum to restore 81 historic menus dating from 1856-1976.

The University of Guelph Library, Ontario - Maria Parolas - Miss Parolas New Cookbook, 1881; American Housewife, 1839; Cook Not Mad, 1831; and Cyder - A Poem, 1708.

The Jane Grigson Library - Bairische Kochin, 1805; Cobbetts Cottage Economy; Careme - Volume 4; Careme - Volume 5.


The Culinary Trusts Library Grant Committee has already identified several titles at various libraries, domestic and abroad, for restoration. The committee has administered over $28,000 to fund the preservation projects at the below listed libraries.

The New York Academy of Medicine - Apicii - De Re Coquinaria, Marcus Gavius Apicius, 9th Century (This grant was sponsored by Brown-Forman & KitchenAid)

Los Angeles Public Library - The Sacramento Ladies Kitchen Companion, 1872, and El Cuaderno de Guisosos, 1829.

McGill University Library, Montréal - Nouvelle Cuisiniere Canadienne, Fourth Edition, Montreal, 1865, Nouvelle Cuisiniere Candanienne, 2nd Edition Montreal, 185?, Nutt, F. The Complete Confectioner, London, 1809 and Brillant-Savarin. Physiologie du Gout, Paris, 1826.

Michigan State University Library - Domestic Cookery, by Elizabeth Lea, 1869 and Hale, Sarah J. Ladies New Book of Cookery, 1852.

New York Public Library - John Murrel, Murrels Two Bookes of Cookerie and Carving, 1631.

Ohio State University - Opera di M. Bartolomeo Scappi, 1570; Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets, 1699.

St. Louis Public Library - The Pilgrim Housekeeper, St. Louis, 1886, Tyson Rorer, Sarah. Worlds Fair Souvenir Cook Book.

Philadelphia, 1904, Win the War cook book. St. Louis, 1918 and The Badenfest cookbook. St. Louis, 1973.

Texas Womans University - A Collection of Tried Receipts, Ladies of the Presbyterian Church 1899, Cook Book, St. Peters Guild Episcopal Church, McKinney, TX, 1922, Cook Book, St. Peters Guild Episcopal Church, McKinney, TX, 1927 and Sweets and Meats, Ladies Aid Society, San Antonio, 1909.

The Pierpont Morgan Library - Cuoco napoletano. Late 15th-century ms. Cookbook in Italian, Cookery recipes, 15th-century manuscript in Middle English, Platina. De honesta voluptate. Venice, 15 Dec. 1487 and Apicius. De re coquinaria. Milan, 20 Jan. 1498.

The Wing Luke Asian Museum - Chinese and European Cookbook; 300 Easy-to-Make Family-Style Chinese Dishes (Kantan ni Dekiru Katei Ryori Sanbyaku-shu); Guide to Year-Round Homestyle Cooking (Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu: Katei Ryori Daizenshu).

Toronto Reference Library - The cook not mad, or, Rational cookery, 1831; The Frugal Housewifes Manual, 1840; Nouvelle Cuisinière Canadienne. Ed. Rev. [ca 1850-55]; Mother Hubbards Cupboard, or, Canadian Cookbook, 1881.


The Culinary Trusts Library Grant Committee has successfully identified the titles listed below and the Trust has administered nearly $5,000 to restore these Endangered Treasures.

Clements Library, University of Michigan The Jewish Manual, 1846, Susannah Carters, The Frugal Housewife, 1803 and John Mollards, The Art of Cookery Made Easy,1807.

Fant Memorial Library Mississippi University for Women The I.I. & C. Cookbook, First Edition, 1906 and The I.I. & C. Cookbook, Second Edition, 1913.

Michigan State University Aunt Babettes, Aunt Babettes cook book, 1889, Pierre Blots, Hand-book of practical cookery, 1867 and Mary Randolphs, Virginia housewife, 1838.

Historic New Orleans Collection / Williams Research Center The Creole Cookery, 1885.

The Jane Grigson Trust, Oxford Brookes University Louis Eustache Udes, The French Cook.

The New York Academy of Medicine Library Paris a table, par Eugene Briffault. Illustre par Bertall, 1846, Almanach de Franc Buveur pour 1926, 1926, and Gepruft und bewahrt; ein Buch der Hamburger Kuche, 1910.

Vorhoff Library, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women The Picayunes Creole Cook Book, 1900, La Cuisinière Bourgeoise, suivie de lOffice, à lusage de tous ceux qui se mêlent de dépenses de maisons, 1817.

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