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Cookbook Preservation

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The worlds diverse culinary heritages are one of the greatest treasures of the twenty-first century, yet some are in danger of disappearing through increasing globalization, multiculturalism, and the simple ravages of time. The Endangered Treasures program, founded in 2002 by a generous grant from KitchenAid, funds efforts to preserve these heritages through library grants to restore crumbling culinary manuscripts and rare books. Among its most exciting projects was the funding of the restoration of the worlds oldest extant cookery manuscript, the 9th century Apicius manuscript held by The New York Academy of Medicine.

If you have a project you would like considered for an “Endangered Treasures” grant please email

Please click here to see a list of previously restored treasures.

STORIES ABOUT FOOD: Preserving Culinary Heritage, Improving Nutrition and Connecting Generations

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Capturing foods of past and present- todays and tomorrows culinary heritage- it the inspiration behind the Trusts new initiative, Stories About Food. Taking advantage of generous seed money from KitchenAid and working with Narativ, a preeminent developer of workshops that connect individuals through the sharing of personal stories, the Trust will pilot a program this fall in New York, bringing together high school students and senior adults to elicit memories (and recipes) of foods from their respective childhoods; these stories will be videotaped, recipes posted, and nutritional guidance provided, all with the goal of creating a unique archive of culinary heritage. Thereafter, the Narativ methodology will be adapted so that IACP members, through Kids in the Kitchen and the Food History Committees, will be able to collect stories, growing an archive of culinary history that will stretch back through the twentieth century and look forward to the twenty-first.

KitchenAid is the founding sponsor of The Culinary Trust’s Endangered Treasures Program and provides support for Stories About Food.

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