The Culinary Trust



The Culinary Trust, IACP’s philanthropic partner for more than twenty-five years, solicits, manages and distributes funds for educational and charitable programs that provide culinary professionals with the tools and opportunities to learn and act on critical issues in the world of food.

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Please contribute to our 2013 annual spring giving campaign.

Individual support is vital to sustaining the work we do – Your gift to our spring giving campaign will help fund our Chefs Move to Schools grants, teaching kids how to grow, shop for and cook healthy food they love.

Your donation is tax-deductible, and your gift of $40 or more qualifies you for our special thank-you gift, a limited edition Cookbook Lovers’ Cookbook – a recipe collection compiled specially for The Culinary Trust by Roger Smith Cookbook Conference participants.

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Don’t miss a chance to help The Culinary Trust and put your product in front of a large gathering of culinary professionals and food writers at the IACP Annual Conference in 2013 in San Francisco, check back for details in January 2013.

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Fundraising events are conducted on an annual basis and opportunities are available to partner with the Trust to promote products and services at high profile culinary events. Additionally there are always opportunities to sit on committees and help The Culinary Trust achieve its mission. Please email for more information about how to get involved.

The Culinary Trust thanks its sponsors:

Over the years, KitchenAid has provided more support than any other contributor to  The Culinary Trust.

It is a founding sponsor of Endangered Treasures and is currently funding The Culinary Trust’s Stories About Food program.

In Memory of Howard Deshong

Over the years, Deshong Studios contributed over $32,000 to The Culinary Trust.

A letter from Diane Deshong:

Howard Deshong loved photography and was so happy to be a member of IACP.  He looked forward to coming to the yearly meetings whenever he could get away.  They were always a source of meeting fellow photographers, lots of “foodies”, and wonderful networking.  Howard and B.J. Doerfligh even had the pleasure of presenting a class together.  What fun they had!  I know he believed in IACP and the good work The Culinary Trust does, and he was always proud to sponsor the Trust.

Order The Cookbook Lovers’ Cookbook $15
All proceeds go the The Culinary Trust!

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