Meet our 2016 Food Writing Fellows

October 24, 2016
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Stephen Satterfield

Caroline Leland

Urmila Ramakrishnan

Katie Carpenter

Katherine Rapin

Francie Szostak Dekker

Working with the Julia Child Foundation, we launched a new initiative to provide food writing internships with five Edible magazines and the online site, Civil Eats.

Each Fellow was selected based on the strength of their application and writing samples. We allowed each of our partner sites to collaborate with The Culinary Trust to determine the best start date to work with their Fellows, as well as how their hours would be structured, in consideration of the publications’ editorial calendars and their ability to provide optimal editorial collaboration and mentoring. You can read a sample of each of their works below.

I had many moments like these during my food writing fellowship through the Culinary Trust, that made me pause and think, Oh my god, this my dream job,” wrote fellow Katherine Rapin. “For four months I covered Philadelphia’s food scene for the pages and website of Edible Philly. I talked with the first black female owner of a comic book coffee shop; I interviewed the people who wait in line for what Bon Appétit deemed The Best Pizza in America; I staged at one of the best restaurants in Philly to report from behind the scenes.”

“Through it all, Joy Manning – the editor of Edible Philly who I’ll continue to work with long after this fellowship is over – has guided me,” Rapin continued. “From her, I’ve learned about the inner workings of the publication, how to write tightly and on deadline, and I’ve gotten a glimpse of life as a full-time, freelance food writer.”

Fellowship recipient Francie Szostak Dekker said she was “thrilled” to work with Edible Madison. “My longer stories  will both have a focus on food insecurity, particularly disparities between different populations in the Southwestern Wisconsin area as well as an organization and program that helps low income families and individuals participate in CSA.”

Katherine Rapin, Edible Philly: Late Winter at the Fair Food Farmstand

Katie Carpenter, Edible Michiana: Pasture Haven

Francie Szostak DekkerEdible Madison: An Edible Afternoon in Sun Prairie

Urmila Ramakrishnan, Edible Santa Barbara: Progression of a Supper Club

Caroline Leland, Edible Nashville: Grab a Winning Drink at Bongo Java

Stephen Satterfield, Civil Eats: About Stephen Satterfield

The Culinary Trust would like to thank the Julia Child Foundation for its generous support, and all of the editorial staffs who worked to provide a great learning experience for our fellows.

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