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From Our Board Chair: Getting Involved On Your Own Terms

March 20, 2014
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By Ken Rubin, CCP, TCT Board Chair

KenRubin_2013I recently had an opportunity to spend some quality time with Scott Givot, a past president of IACP. Scott journeyed from his home in Oslo, Norway to revel in the festivities surrounding Feast — a premier food event in Portland, Oregon. Givot’s vision and support, coupled with the generosity of the culinary community, has made it possible to establish a grant in his name that kicks off the Growing Leaders Fund to mark the Trust’s 30th anniversary.

> Ways You Can Help Fund TCT and the Future of Food

In taking the time to really reflect on the contribution that we can all make, Scott turned the tables and asked me what I thought was needed from IACP and The Culinary Trust community so we could use our collective energy to do more more for critical issues we care about. I’m pretty sure he had a good idea of what I would say, but I suppose it make sense that some things should be spoken so they are said and heard. Scott believes that we are at our best when in the service of others, and I tend to agree.

The power and presence of IACP and TCT is a testament to our members, all of the culinary professionals from around the world who came before us to give us what we have today. They helped shape a world where food has been elevated and the culinary conversation is intertwined with more general ideas of how we live, work and relax. Food is a conversation piece.

More than ever, there is unbound opportunity in the culinary and food landscape.  It is being driven by the leaders of tomorrow — individuals and organizations who have committed to making a difference. I want to challenge you to help us identify and grow these leaders so they can continue their important work. Whether their work is in youth education, food labor advocacy, nutrition and wellness, hunger alleviation or skills development, we feel the best way to show progress is to support and fund the projects where TCT support can make a difference.

For me, so much of the opportunity and experience of working as a culinary professional or being a part of IACP is finding the way to give back on your own terms. There are countless noteworthy causes to support, but we come to the table as volunteers with limited time, energy and resources. We are all stretched but we can all still do something to work on issues that we feel emotionally and personally connected to.

The Culinary Trust wants your input on the critical issues that matter to you. So, find those things that resonate with you and let us know how you want to participate. Take the step yourself and join us, so you can be part of a larger force to positively impact our collective future in food.

Thank you all for your support and generosity.

Ways you can help fund the future of food:

> Do some holiday shopping at our “Shop & Give” Store, powered by Amazon
> Donate to our Annual Fund – Amounts of $50 and more receive a limited edition Lloyd Kelly print created especially for The Trust

Ken Rubin, CCP, is the Vice President of Culinary Training for Rouxbe Cooking School, a leading online cooking school delivering 21st century culinary and wellness instruction to home cooks, schools, restaurants and professional culinary academies in more than 180 countries.

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