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The Culinary Trust Brings Philanthropy to the IACP Conference

March 15, 2012
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On Sunday, April 1, The Culinary Trust organized full day of programming to give culinary professionals the tools needed to support Chefs Move to Schools.  We hope to have copies of some of the presentations posted shortly.

Here’s a brief roundup of programming supported by The Culinary trust

Lunch with Bill Telepan

How good can a public school lunch taste?  Constricted by nutritional guidelines and a miniscule budget, Chef Bill Telepan worked culinary magic.  Lunch was served cafeteria style at The International Culinary Center.   Proceeds benefit The Culinary Trust, Wellness in the Schools and Future Cooks Initiative

Skills for teaching and writing for kids, learn nutrition basics and running a program on a tight budget

Lesson planning:  Got kitchen skills and going into a classroom?  Attendees learned effective strategies for creating learning objectives, lesson plans and teaching to different age groups.  - Isobel Contento, Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition Education and Coordinator of the Nutrition Program at Teachers College Columbia University;  Nutrition Basics for culinary professionals:  what you need to know about nutrition, how to incorporate that knowledge into recipes kids will love and how to teach kids about nutrition and healthy eating.   Pamela Koch, EdD, RD Executive Director of the Center for Food & Environment at the Program in Nutrition, Teacher College Columbia University;  Tying it together:  developing kid-friendly and nutritious recipes and bringing your program to a classroom on a shoestring. — Julie Negrin

Information and Networking Session  

Organizations providing resources that support Chefs Move to Schools staffed tables, providing information, and answering questions.

The Lunch Box

Cornell Food and Brand Lab

Wellness in the Schools

Grow to Learn

Kids Cook Monday

The Cooking Room/Future Cooks Initiative

Share Our Strength - Cooking Matters

AIWF Days of Taste

Columbia University Teachers’ College


Today’s Special — The Culinary Trust Annual Fundraiser

The Culinary Trust was joined by Aasif Mandvi and Madhur Jaffrey for a pop-up restaurant featuring food inspired by the film “Today’s Special.”  Madhur designed a three course menu.   Mandvi’s feel-good foodie comedy about Samir, a young Manhattan chef who rediscovers his heritage and his passion for life through the enchanting art of cooking Indian food shared the theme of The Culinary Trust’s program Stories About Food, an intergenerational oral history project teaching children about food history and preserving our culinary heritage.


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